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Toughness Meme Goes Off The Rails With LeBron-Yogi Berra Comparison

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I don't even know what to do with this. At this point, it's perhaps prudent to think about where we are and how we got here. LeBron James hate/bashing has gone so far that someone created this image comparing Yogi Berra's involvement in the Allied invasion of Normandy and LeBron James cramping up in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. And it's almost certainly in earnest.


Berra was honored (by The Yogi Berra Museum) on Friday for his participation in the Normandy beach invasion. During the famed attack, then minor leaguer Lawrence Berra was apparently picking off Nazis and setting in motion events that would lead to the eventual shame of an as-yet unborn LeBron James. Here we turn to the Daily News:

Seventy years ago, a 19-year-old from St. Louis was on a small attack boat launching rockets at the Germans during the Allied invasion of Normandy.


Berra, who went on to win 10 World Series titles with the New York Yankees, was part of a 6-man crew operating a 36-foot LCSS boat, the letters standing for landing craft support, small. Berra previously joked that the letters stood for "landing craft suicide squad." Their mission was to fire rockets at German gun targets to protect Allied troops struggling to storm the beach.


You see why this appears to be a totally serious image macro, now. It's obviously inspired by those two paragraphs and for some reason, the person thought it was a perfect opportunity to criticize LeBron James, a pastime that, we can all now agree, has officially jumped the shark. The only connections here, and these are generous, are the players' ages and participation in championships. Even with that generosity, it makes absolutely no sense and takes an incredibly insane leap.

Yogi Berra was drafted (by the United States) and shot rockets at Nazis when he was young and later won a shitload of World Series titles. LeBron James was drafted (by the Cleveland Cavaliers) when he was young and had to leave one game of one championship series because of injury because he's a PUSSY. He'd probably jam his fingers playing Wolfenstein 3D, and Yogi Berra's over here blowing away Nazis with motherfucking ROCKETS. Man up; Jordan woulda nuked Berlin.

LeBron hate has finally gone Godwin.

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