Towson Cheerleaders Suspended For Tamest Hazing Ritual Ever

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The Towson University cheerleading squad was suspended for the 2013-2014 season after a hazing incident, the details of which were previously unknown, was reported to school administrators last summer. The hazing got the team suspended for an entire year, so they must have gotten caught doing some pretty crazy shit, right?

Not exactly. The Baltimore Sun got its hands on the university's report on the incident, and the details are, well, maybe not what you were expecting:

The university found that freshmen on the team had gone to an off-campus apartment, where they were told at the door by veteran members that they could say no to anything they were asked to do.


Surely that was just a ruse to lure the impressionable freshmen into the den of horrors that had been prepared for them. Once they got inside, shit must have gotten real:

Then the women were told they had a choice between doing cocaine or heroin...

Boom! Now that's how you haze someone, motherf— test their understanding of team rules. "Although no drugs were provided, this was done to let the new members on the team know that the team was drug free," investigators wrote.


So, basically, this was a D.A.R.E seminar disguised as a hazing ritual. The freshmen cheerleaders did have to do some illicit stuff, though. The Sun reports that they were asked to funnel a beer or take a shot of alcohol, before being blindfolded and led into a room where they put adult diapers on over their shorts. They then came out of the room and were asked to perform a brief dance in front of the rest of the team. Then everyone danced together, which probably made for a pretty fun and silly time. We're just glad that everyone managed to survive the ordeal.

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