A worker on the track at the Sanki Sliding Center was struck by a sled just before the start of two-man bobsled training, and taken away in an ambulance. Hospital officials said the worker is alive, and in a statement the IOC's president said he suffered "a broken leg and maybe a concussion."

The worker was hit by a forerunning sled, which goes down before the athletes to make sure the track conditions are good. It occurred toward the end of the run, so the worker's only alert would have been an announcement regularly made over the public address system warning people that a sled is on the track. "We still do not know why he was in this zone and exactly what happened," IOC President Thomas Bach said.

Workers were seen picking debris off the track and repairing a light fixture above where the incident happened. The start of training was delayed about 35 minutes.

From AP Images, this is the sled involved in the accident, in a photo taken earlier in its run.


And here are workers cleaning up the track after the colission.