Tracy Porter Had A Seizure In August, Missed Denver's Last Game Because Doctors Were Afraid He Was Going To Have Another

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Porter was listed as out for the Broncos last Monday, Denver's big comeback win over San Diego. The injury report simply chalked it up to "illness," and no one asked too many questions, because hey, people get sick. But Porter revealed today that it was something potentially much more serious, and, nearly two weeks later, has yet to be cleared by a doctor to return.

"I had never had [a seizure] before, 26 years I've been living," Porter told The Denver Post, until he had one in August. Porter missed a chunk of the preseason, also chalked up to "illness." He was there in the Saints weight room when Jeremy Shockey suffered a own seizure in 2010, so he already knew how scary they can be.

Porter said that the day before the Chargers game, his pulse started racing and he felt lightheaded—the same symptoms that struck before his August seizure. Team doctors decided he shouldn't fly to San Diego, and stayed home. After the bye, he finally returned to practice this week, but saw a doctor this afternoon in the hopes of getting cleared for Sunday's game against New Orleans. There's no word on an underlying cause of his issues.


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