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Trey Songz Exposed a Horrific Incident of Racist Bullying Among the Philadelphia 76ers Dance Squad [UPDATED]

Singer Trey Songz exposed a horrific incident of bullying on the Philadelphia 76ers dance squad.
Singer Trey Songz exposed a horrific incident of bullying on the Philadelphia 76ers dance squad.
Photo: Rob Carr (Getty Images)

Charismatic singer Trey Songz, who uses his platform to get other stars to do charitable work with the “Feed Your City” challenge, shared the story of Yahne Coleman, a young Black woman who joined the Sixers’ dance team around 2010. She said she suffered abuse at the hands of her teammates, stating they would talk about her “black features” in group chats and send her threatening videos.

“I was scared to release this because I was bullied and racially targeted by my 76ers NBA teammates at the time. I went to my coach Dayna and the Sixers organization crying for help so many times and nothing was ever done.


“When I auditioned for my fourth year, this group of girls called me the night before on the phone saying, your BLACK ass will not be coming back.”

Songz put Coleman’s tormentors on full blast to his 12 million followers Tuesday, posting videos and identifying the main antagonist as Annie Weiss, a woman of color who can be seen in a limo with a group of white women.

In the 14-second video, Weiss is a vision of preternatural malevolence:

HI YAHNE! I’m in the back of a STRETCH LIMO right now with ALL my BITCHES! I hope you’re having fun in the back of your mom’s fucking minivan with your SIX HEAD, taking selfies of your jiggly-ass boots, when you get your license give me a call and I’ll teach you how to shave your legs. Then I will teach you how to use a tampon, because your dirty-ass vagina probably smells like fish. Alright? Buh- Bye.


In the next video, Weiss threatens to track her down and hurt her.

I will find you in whatever home project you live in, I will slum it to the West Side of Philly, just to find your ass, beat the shit out of it and get you banned from whatever club you think you can get in.


Songz also posted an email from Sixers executive Lara Price, who responds to Coleman by promising that HR and legal will get in touch with her.

After making the post, Weiss contacted Songz through IG and he posted it:


“This was made after YAHNE contacted my family and threatened my children and husband.”

“Don’t try to make this anything that it’s not.”

Songz responded with a kissy-face emoji.

Weiss wrote back: “This is not ok.”

Songz: Bye bye babygirl.


UPDATE: On Wednesday afternoon, Weiss posted an apology on her business IG account, saying she recorded “an awful, disrespectful, disgusting and inexcusabble video. I am deeply ashamed of what I said.”


Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey tweeted the team’s statement:

Tonight, we were made aware of social media posts involving former dance team members that contained insensitive, offensive and unacceptable remarks, as well as allegations of bullying and racist behavior.

The videos, which were filmed in 2016, featured derogatory comments from a former dance team member who left the organization in 2013.

We take this situation very seriously. We intend to investigate this matter immediately and remain committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.


Such generic corporate-speak and a lame attempt at distancing surely calls for a “This you?” response, and fans were quick to do so, with several people reposting a video of singer Sevyn Streeter saying she was supposed to sing the national anthem at a Sixers game, but was told she couldn’t because she was wearing a “We Matter” jersey.


Speaking of performative wokeness, Songz’s followers claimed Weiss had Black Lives Matter posts on her IG before deleting her account.

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