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Hours after the end of a terminally dull Super Bowl that only Patriots fans and defensive coordinators could love, the contrarian takes started flaring up—stuff about how the game only sucked if you couldn’t appreciate Bill Belichick’s masterful defensive game plan, or how you needed to be a zone coverage appreciator to enjoy that slog. It’s fine to enjoy a boring Super Bowl if you choose, but one man brooked no criticism of the lowest-scoring title game in history.

Here’s Trey Wingo, co-host of ESPN’s Mike & Trey, doing far too much in his defense of the Super Bowl game that had a total of one touchdown:


If you didn’t enjoy the Rams’ eight consecutive drives ending in a punt, because Jared Goff couldn’t complete a pass for four hours, then you clearly aren’t a real football fan.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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