The minor-league manager ejection is one of the national pastime's favorite pastimes. And yet, there's something so wrong about most of them.

We forever treasure Phillip Wellman and Joe Mikulik for their contributions to the game; their moments of unchecked fury gave us days of mirth afterward. But baseball is not fundamentally concerned with unchecked fury. That is not baseball's register. Baseball is about about sunflower seeds, sunlight, and swards—down-home molasses pleasures.

So this is why we must appreciate the ejection, on Sunday afternoon, of Buffalo Bisons manager Marty Brown. In the bottom of the second inning, Brown's second baseman tried to field a grounder while evading a baserunner. He missed the baserunner—which makes interference an awfully tough call—and missed the ball, too. Brown went out to complain about umpire Kelvin Bultron's call, and Bultron didn't take kindly to it. (By the way: the broadcaster pronounces "Bultron" like "Voltron." One of many reasons this is a delightful video.) He ran Brown. But Brown didn't run. Instead he sat himself on the grass, and soaked up the late-spring sun. Now that was baseball. The International League has suspended him three games.