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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Troy Smith might be the Heisman Trophy winner, but you gotta be careful with that trophy. Some people might think it's a potential terrorist device.

Troy Smith's Heisman Trophy was shipped home because airport security would not allow the Ohio State quarterback to take it on the plane Tuesday.

"We decided to have it shipped. That's much easier. How times have changed. Eddie carried it on the plane and put it in the seat next to him," sports information director Steve Snapp said.


For the record, we watched "Sleeper Cell" last night and would not put it past Al Qaeda to embark on some Heisman Trophy nefariousness. Though, to be fair, it would much easier just to pay Gino Terreta 20 bucks for his and go about it that way.

Security Says No To Smith Flying With Heisman [MSNBC]

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