Donald Trump mega-donor Shalabh Kumar has posted an ad in which the Trump himself speaks Hindi. In fact, the deflated egg sac emits just a few words before the video cuts ahead, suggesting that he couldn’t muster five words in a row, one of which was his own name.

This 30-second spot, paid for by Trump’s campaign, jarringly splices together footage from Trump’s speech last week at the Republican Hindu Coalition event, along with some choice still frames, like Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel exploding:


The result resembles a scrapped Tim & Eric bit. Sound comes and goes, gives out before words finish, and swells so nightmarishly at the end. I can’t stop watching.

You can read all about Trump’s previous attempts to pander to this community, which will fail, since only 7 percent of Indian-Americans plan to vote for him—or you could just accept that the main thing Trump and and Hindu nationalists have in common is hating and fearing Muslims. The ad strategically conflates Hindus with Indian-Americans, when only half of Indian-Americans are Hindu. His praise for Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, who’s widely believed to be complicit in mass murder of Muslim Indians, is no accident either.