I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "Outside The Lines" report about Adam Jones, but you know who could help us make sense of all this? Stephen A. Smith!

ESPN reporter John Barr laid out a pretty exhaustive—and exhausting—case against Jones. It's a lot of coincidental, circumstantial evidence that involves a lot of testimony from known criminals, but it certainly won't help Pacman's image in the eyes of the public or Roger Goodell. Then when it came time for Jones to have his say, the network brought out its biggest, most hard-hitting gun—Mr. Stephen A. Smith.

The crux of the story is this: "Slugga" Morris, an Atlanta gangster currently in jail, says that he and Jones are buddies. Jones said that Morris tried to extort him after the first Vegas strip clubs shooting. Witnesses say that Morris was at the second strip club shooting with Jones, which makes the extortion claim laughable and makes it appear that Morris is his gun for hire. So someone is lying, but the only thing Jones has to defend himself is his word, which is probably not worth much in the eyes of the NFL (or most fans.)

The Atlanta investigation is unsolved, but "inactive." You can see more of the interview and the report here.

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