Tuesday Night Fights: My Grandma Explains Why It's Wrong To Encourage Your Grandkids To Fight

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Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs "Grandma Tells Kids to Fist Fight (Caught on Camera) Fighting," aka "Wilmington Delaware Fight!!!!" Tonight's commentator: My grandmother Leona, who is the best grandmother in the world.

If somebody hits you, you should hit them back. But luckily, my (six) kids did not start fights. I always told them not to hit anybody because they'll retaliate.

Watching this, I would have thought she'd try to break the fight up, try to stop it, not tell her grandson to hit someone. I'm not comfortable with what's going on. She didn't to anything to try to stop it. That's inappropriate. That doesn't make a kid tough.

When my kids were little, if I saw something going on like that, I would get cookies and walk outside and say 'Stop your fighting. Who wants cookies?' If it was because of some neighborhood bully, I would go to the parents, a teacher, but I would not tell the kids to fight.

Your mother didn't get into fights. Well, there was one time she got into a fight with a teacher. Not physically. Like, agitating them. She irritated Mr. P, a big strong guy, the basketball coach, one time and he hit her in the head with a history book. So I went down to the school and I told him don't you EVER do that to my child. He never did again.

Then there was the time, you were in the car, when your mother was leaving and pulled into the alley here. There was another car coming the other way and it refused to move. So did your mother. She did not back down. So, the other driver sent her husband out to say something. Your mother got out. Do you remember this? (Yes). Boy, she got in his face good. Now I know where your foul mouth comes from, Brian.

Would I go to the police about this woman? I don't think so. Someone should go say something to her. It's not like she hit the kid or anything. She should have taken the kid home, taken him out of the situation. If he fought all the time, I would try to avoid them playing together anymore. But, kids fight all the time. You could be fighting all the time over kids but in this situation, she should not have gotten mad at the other kid. She should have gone in and broken it up.

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