Tuesday Night Fights: The Iron Sheik Watches Lady Park Brawlers Who "Look Like Dog Shit Inside The Joan Rivers Ass" [Sic]

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Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "The Rock in Bakersfield (Fight at 6 Street Park)." Tonight's commentator: The Iron Sheik, former tag-team partner of Volkoff, greatest Iranian of all time, Twitter wordsmith, shirt vendor, and subject of a full Iron Sheik documentary, which his manager @pagemagen has assured will be launched via an interview right here on this site. Sheiky will return with a second TNF review next Tuesday.

Look at these 2 dumb bitch they fight like worse than the barry Horowitz' and the ultimate warrior mother. They don't know what the fuck they Are doing they look like dog shit inside the Joan Rivers ass. The girl talk in back sound like mean gene ….

And who fuck is the black man who talk like stupid asshole? He look like Virgil so he the Virgil of the ghetto who deserve to get his ass rape by dead donkey and humbled old country way worse than oj Simpson and the mel gibson. This black man if I see him I put him in camel clutch and break his neck he look worse than ultimate warrior mother.

Now they want to fight round 2 like they are the Muhammad ali or the Mike Tyson. They are not Olympic champion like the sheikie baby. Now the fucking Virgil again talk like he the fucking HOWARD cosell he don't know nothing about anything other than being the dumb jabroni and eating dog shit. He so fucking dumb I wish I see him again to I a break his neck.

The girl have manager like she fabulous moolah but she not moolah she monkey. Moolah intelligent women, this dumb bitch don't know shit about anything other than eating donkey. Now the other girl smile like she happy with her trainer who both deserve to get humbled old country way. The Virgil try to be the Jim Ross my good friend but all he is broke dumb piece of garbage.

They get ready to fight but they are not in the Pontiac Michigan Silver dome. They are at stinky ass park and have no real heat. They have the cheap heat. They lock up the fight like worse than iron mike sharpe and have nothing special other than being stupid…

Now the new black man come in try to be referee only to have the se with them. he make me mad he look like Virgil ass and oj Simpson grandfather. He don't know anything and he deserve to be humbled old country way/ I be happy if the virgil and the referee virgil fight and make them become winner of biggest piece of shit champion.

The Virgil announcer trying to be the don king he so stupid he talk about the west side gangster, he broke no good piece of shit. They try to fight again and new fight with new girl. I like the new girl she remind me of the Wendi Richter. By the Mexican boyfriend who look like the Tito Santana try to step in like he macho man but he nothing but a taco ass who deserve to get old country….

The Virgil announcer try to talk to the girls to see if she can make baby out of her ass.

The Mexican girl try to talk like she world champion but she only champion of being dumb stupid bitch