Screenshot: Twitter

Turkish side Fenerbahce took on German giants Bayern Munich in a preseason friendly yesterday. Things did not go well for the Fenerbahce players, who were dominated throughout the game and lost 6-1. That performance earned them plenty of boos from the home fans, which were enough to drive team captain Nabil Dirar to attempt to storm off the field in the 72nd minute:


Dirar was ultimately prevented from leaving the game by his irate manager, and afterwards he issued an apology for letting his frustration get the better of him.

If this is what happens when Dirar gets his ass handed to him in a meaningless game, I’d hate to see what happens if he’s ever getting booed and losing 6-1 in a game that matters.

Correction: The headline of this post has been changed to correct Dirar’s nationality. He’s Moroccan, not Turkish.