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So, this is the best thing I've seen today. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is addressing press tomorrow, and people think he'll be speaking for the first time about Aaron Hernandez, who was arrested on murder charges last month. Of course, the press conference could be about anything, and because Belichick treats press like shit, he might not even mention Hernandez at all. But a CSN New England panel of Lou Merloni, Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane talked themselves into believing that Belichick will definitely address the Hernandez Situation, and that's when it got real.

It was civil until Tanguay asked, "Does Bill Belichick owe an explanation to Patriot fans, to the media, everybody watching on how and why a player under his watch is charged with murder?"


Minihane said Belichick didn't owe an explanation. He then asked if a Subway manager owed an explanation if one of his employees (a sandwich artist, we presume) killed someone.

Tanguay was offended, saying, "You can't even make the comparison!" before continuing,"I don't look at it the same way you do." Because the New England Patriots are Important, or something. Then everything blew up.

Both men started raising their voices and pronouncing, "You're full of crap." Tanguay, louder and shriller and quite clearly the Better Patriot, went on a surprisingly hate-filled and personal rant, calling Minihane a moron and as cold-blooded as Belichick, before saying, "You don't have a heart!"

Minihane, however, evidently does have a heart, and clearly hurt by Tanguay's words, went on his own mini-rant. CSN cut to commercial, but before the break, Minihane quietly admitted to Tanguay, "I hate you."


"No you don't," Tanguay responded. But we don't know, man. He probably hates you.


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