Twins Play On After Bridge Collapse

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As we wish the best to anyone affected by the bizarre bridge collapse in Minnesota yesterday, we note that the bridge that collapsed — which, somewhat pathetically, was named "the Interstate 35W Bridge" — was right by the Metrodome and was likely carrying people on their way to the Twins-Royals game.

The Twins, saying they didn't want 25,000 people back out in traffic because of a cancellation, went ahead and played last night (game time was an hour after the collapse) but have canceled today's game and might not be playing all weekend. And some at the game last night realized they were lucky to have shown up early.

Jo Levigne, who was seated near third base, said she and her husband heard about it from fans sitting behind them. A friend had invited them to the game at the last minute. "We were driving along, chatting away and because we were talking, we missed the exit," Levigne said. "We found out after we got to the ballpark that if we hadn't missed that exit, we would have been on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Hearing that shook me to the core."


So far, the number of casualties has been a rather amazing four, which, while awful, is seemingly low, and excellent. For further updates, we'd suggest checking out the great Randball, which should have more stories throughout the day. And yes, the dedication of the impending new stadium, which was supposed to happen today, has been postponed. The Metrodome will not go without a fight.

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