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Twitter Causes Stephen A. Smith To Completely Unravel And Clarify Obsessively

I imagine this is what it must have been like for the poor Philadelphia Inquirer editor who received Stephen A.'s column via Blackberry. Somebody get SAS television or radio work fast, or else he might destroy Twitter.

Watch how frustrated he becomes after each entry, as he realizes that some of his posts might be taken out of context if they stand alone ("Black folks not doing a better job of supporting what we claim to love. Notice, I didn't say YA'LL. I said US. Me included. We can do better") by immediately following them up with another +140 character statement designed to better explain what he meant by the previous one. This leads to about 14 sentence fragments into the scarps of hell that would make even the most spastic of 14-year-old girls shake their head in bewilderment. But oh what a treat it will be during Thursday night's NBA draft.



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