Twitter Officially Ruins Perfectly Good Rivalry

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The hype leading up to Sunday's Jets-Patriots game has been lame: boring phone messages, oddly specific threats, and now a very catty twitter fight between two grown men that reads like an argument between 7th grade girls.

To recap:

Tuesday: Rex Ryan leaves a boring message for Jets' season ticket holders. Listen if you want, but I'll sum it up for you: "Hey, it's me, Rex. I know Belichick and Brady are better at their jobs than me and Sanchez, but if you guys are even louder and more obnoxious than usual, I think we might have a chance on Sunday...Oh, and has anyone seen my tooth-whitener? If so, please return it."


Wednesday: Tom Brady makes some boring, generic remarks.

Thursday: Jets Safety Kerry Rhodes says he's out to "embarrass the Pats" by hitting Brady a very specific number of times: "We will hit him more than six times. I promise you that."

Yesterday: Rodney Harrison and Kerry Rhodes exchange Twitter trash talk filled with so many "LOLs" that you'd think they were a couple of teenage girls fighting about boys, rather than grown men jiving before a football game:

"@Rodneyh37 r u playing sunday? i respect ur game but u crossed line. and i never talk smack u started it. i kno u respect my game! Tweet it!"
28 minutes ago from web

"@kerryrhodes I definitely respect your game on the field Kerry, but i didn't appropriate what you said about the Patriots its disrespectful."
22 minutes ago from web in reply to kerryrhodes

"@Rodneyh37 u being someone who played the game knows the media runs it i said we are gonna try to embarrass them! lol u should respect that"
14 minutes ago from web

"@kerryrhodes And even though i respect your game, you do have flaws and i have seen you pass on tackles and not always been physical."
18 minutes ago from web in reply to kerryrhodes

"@Rodneyh37 and i told u i respect ur game and u have flaws 2 lol. and so does ed reed! thats a given."
13 minutes ago from web

"@kerryrhodes The talk about Brady's knees and promising to hit him more than 6 times is what hit a nerve did you ever come back from…"
10 minutes ago from web in reply to kerryrhodes

"@Rodneyh37 see and thats my point i never ever said anything about hitting his knees! lol r u serious you know i dont play that way!"
12 minutes ago from web

"a surgery like that? no wonder you have no idea what kind of impact your words have for certain players who went through rehab."
14 minutes ago from web

Kerry, don't be a jerk. If you respect Rodney's game, "Tweet it!" LOL!