Early this week we told you about the Twitter troll who got his comeuppance when boxer Curtis Woodhouse decided to track him down and confront him about his online habits. He quickly changed his tune when shit got real and apologized. End of story?

Not end of story! A largely unintelligible Scottish version of, like, The Today Show, invited Woodhouse on to discuss the consequences of trolling. He actually makes some good points, particularly when the host asked why he doesn't just block the trolls: he shouldn't have to block them, they should act like respectable people from jump street.

Woodhouse also copped to being a little crazy himself: maybe driving over 60 miles to confront a guy about what he said on twitter was a little daft. After all this, the hosts bring out the troll, real name: James O'Brien, and he sits down next to Woodhouse and apologizes for letting everyone down. It's painfully awkward, partly because I think everyone realizes how stupid this whole segment is and the host keeps repeating "I'm really pleased that's sorted out."

Woodhouse accepted the apology, noting that "it takes a big man" to admit when he's wrong. Don't expect Woodhouse and his trolls to become best buds, though. After the appearance, Woodhouse subtweeted:


Brown pants because there is shit in them from when he got scared that a professional boxer tried to track him down for bullying on the internet.