Two Arrested After Fight Involving Knife At FedEx Field [Update]

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A Cowboys fan took video of fans fighting on the concourse of the Skins’ stadium in Landover after Dallas beat Washington Monday night. Though the clip’s narrator claimed a man was stabbed, EMS says they did not respond to a stabbing.


Mike Vaughn uploaded the video to Facebook. At one point in the video, he finds a Cowboys fan on the floor getting help. Nearby, Vaughn sees a knife as a security member steps on it to keep it in place.

Vaughn deduces that the man in the Dallas jersey was stabbed. According to Fox 5, however, the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department took no calls about a stabbing at the game. PGPD said they made two arrests, but more details aren’t available. If you have any information, drop a line at

Update (2:24 p.m.): Vaughn emailed us with some more details about the incident.

I have a bit more which wasn’t in the video. After I stopped filming, I was talking to a couple guys who witnessed the knife altercation and they said that they guy on the ground was the one who pulled the knife. The guy he pulled the knife on then punched him in the face, which is why he was bloody on the ground.

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