Everson Griffen will not let The Man bring him down. After a weekend that saw him arrested twice in Los Angeles (public drunkenness, fleeing and cop-crotch-grabbing), the defensive end has urged his Facebook friends to "follow your heart" to Vegas.


Here's the Vegas Trip Superbowl Weekend invite in all its sic'd glory:

Hello Fbook friends, this your guy that went to jail twices in 72 hours. However, I'm a free man. On saturday I got out in 8 hours and also Monday. That's besides the point I want to take you on a vacation of your life time. Here is the plan you pay me 100 bucks for room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the suites.

Buses will be leaving all day Friday, you miss the bus, no vegas.

If you happen to be near USC "frat row" or on Felix Jr. Way in Avondale, Arizona, you'd be a fool not to go. But RSVP. He needs a head count ASAP, before the 1,300+ who haven't responded sneak in.

So if you want to have the best time of your life, all you need is a C-Note AKA 100 dollars.lol Well if you want to go your one click away.

If you need help with anything contact me at 480-371-XXXX

Thank you,
Everson Griffen COS Come be apart of the AMERICAN DREAM. Follow your Heart.