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Good ol' Scotty. Kind of the black sheep of the Paterno family. Once referred to as a "morbidly porcine man-child." Also a bit of a wingnut, it seems. I called up JoePa's son today to ask him—not his dad—about some information I'd gotten from a source close to the Paternos. I left Scott a polite message. A few minutes later, he called back. He was angry, gibbering, roaring. He machine-gunned words at me:


I tried to ask what he was saying. But he hung up. About a minute later, he called back. I thought maybe the winner of a six-way Republican primary in Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district had come to his senses. He had not:


I asked him to wait. He hung up again. It took a while to decipher his babble. But I have done so. Wick Sollers is Joe Paterno's new high-octane attorney in D.C.. Dan McGinn is Paterno's new spinmeister. The SEF is the Sustainable Energy Fund, where Scott is some kind of vice chairman and where I'd left Scott a message earlier today. I don't think I bothered them. I'm pretty sure I bothered Scott.


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