Two Croatian Government Workers Are In Trouble For Flashing Everyone At Euro 2012

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Croatia took a vital three points from Ireland over the weekend, sending fans into spasms of joy and occasional nudity. Now two women face losing their jobs after photos of them baring their chests at Sunday's match—including one of an Irish fan licking one woman's breasts—have been seen by pretty much the entire internet. (Link very NSFW.)

Jelena works for the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Viktoria is (or was, according a colleague) a vice president in a local chapter of the youth wing of the CDU political party—the equivalent of the Young Republicans. They're both under investigation for, I don't know, besmirching the good name of Croatia. Here's a quote from Jelena, run through Google translator, but you get the idea.

"As you can see, it was great. Cheerleading, madness. I'm not complaining for nothing. I do not know why panic and why they call upon me ... I think it is no problem. I do not regret any of carried up one second. Me is essentially how my team played. I'm going to win the Euro."


Strong words. It's big news on the homefront, with what appears to be a passioned editorial asking "what's so bad about breasts" in local tabloid Index. (Link also NSFW.)

Croatia plays again tomorrow. We do not know if Jelena and Viktoria will attend.