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Two Down, One To Go

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Just about a year ago, then-ESPN head dog Mark Shapiro announced the creation of three shows that best exemplified the future of the network: ESPN2's "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith," "ESPN Hollywood" and ESPN Classic's "Classic Now." Media reporters might remember the big teleconference, which featured Stephen A., Thea Andrews and "Classic Now" host Josh Elliot.


Well, now two of those shows have been cancelled. "ESPN Hollywood" went away a few months ago, and yesterday, "Classic Now" got the axe. We never take much joy in the cancellation of a program, because it ultimately just means hard-working people behind-the-scenes lose their jobs. Besides, we kind of liked "Classic Now," the very few times we watched it. But it has only been a year since the high-profile launch of all three shows, and now two are gone (as is Shapiro).

Stephen A., however, remains. Guy's gonna outlast us all, you watch.

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