Two Rec Hockey Leagues Kicked Out By Town For Rampant Smoking, Drinking, "Torn Rectum"

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Up in Kingsville, Ontario, they skate hard, and they drink hard. Too damn hard for the folks at Kingsville, who evicted two men's leagues from their arena after months of shenanigans. Yes, it's beer league hockey. But it's not cigarette league, or drunken brawl league, or beer bottle up the anus league hockey.

Mayor Nelson Santos said town staff in February began documenting incidents involving the men's leagues, including the condition of the dressing rooms after games. One "bottle count" found more than five cases of empties in one dressing room alone, Santos said. Staff also documented cigarette butts and other debris littering the dressing rooms after league play.

Then last month, a player was seriously injured in a dressing-room incident. Town officials said they've been told the man was rough-housing after a game and tore his rectum falling onto a beer bottle.

The Sunday morning league appealed to the Kingsville town council, promising to police its members and carry liability insurance. They've been allowed back, on probation. The Friday night league hasn't bothered to contest their eviction, evidently deciding that hockey without late-stage alcoholism isn't hockey worth playing.


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