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Tyler Clippard, Giant Jerk Animal Lover, Spits On Feeds Baby Ducks [UPDATE]

Reader Curtis took in the Nationals/Rockies game at Coors Field last night, another Rockies loss. As the game wound down he walked around the stadium only to come along a duck family that had wandered into the visitors' bullpen. Clippard purposefully walked between the ducklings and their parents, Curtis says, and he pulled out his camera in time to catch Clippard spraying water or Gatorade from his mouth onto them, then throwing the remnants of his cup at the poor lost duckies.


Poor duckies! We would have thought anyone, even big tough pro athletes, would have their hearts melted by the cuteness of fuzzy little ducklings waddling through a ballpark. But Tyler Clippard is either a serial killer in training, or hanging with the wrong crowd and thought taunting those downy angels would earn him some cred. Anyone have Tyler's mother's phone number? I bet she'd love to hear about this.

UPDATE, 10:30 a.m. EDT: According to reliever Ryan Mattheus, the Nats bullpen had taken a shine to the in-house ducks over the series, and were actually just shelling sunflower seeds to feed them. Apologies to Clippard, and his bullpen duck friends.