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Tyler Palko Is Not The Next Kurt Warner

During Monday Night Football last week, Ron Jaworski briefly speculated that Tyler Palko was following the Kurt Warner archetype, of a guy who bumbles around for a while before finally getting his shot in the NFL. As Jaws pointed out, Kurt Warner didn't get his first NFL start until he was 28 years old—just like Palko.

But last week's Palko performance didn't inspire any more Warner comparisons, and this week's game against Pittsburgh may have squashed them completely. For two weeks in a row, Tyler Palko has gotten the national spotlight, and for two weeks in a row he has shown the world why—after four NFL teams, a UFL team, and a CFL team—he didn't get his first NFL start until age 28. Time to get excited for the Kyle Orton era, Chiefs fans.


We compiled video of the first two weeks of the Tyler Palko experiment above.

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