Tyrese Has A Goddang Benihana In His Backyard, And It Looks Dope As All Heck

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So my fellow Deadspin bloggers and I were scouring the internet for premium clickable content today when we—okay, it was just Samer—stumbled across the following video of singer/actor/philosopher/sex symbol Tyrese Gibson dancing and screaming and just generally flourishing to that one Ace Hood banger with Aziz Ansari and the Lonely Island guys and some other dudes in what appears to be a Benihana:

We (I) had no idea what was going on, but Samer did, and after a couple seconds, he found more context on Instagram:


It turns out that this wasn’t a Benihana at all, but a GibsiHana: a full dang restaurant the Fast and the Furious star built three years ago in his own dang backyard! Having a restaurant in your backyard might seem dumb or tacky to you, but hand to God, GibsiHana looks doper than hell.

Here it is from the outside:


Pretty tasteful! Unassuming, in fact. It’s possibly even an architectural triumph.

Aside from an attractive exterior, an impressive surround sound system, and at least one chef with impeccable dramatic timing, GibsiHana also appears to be fully stocked with hard alcohol. Loogit all this fuggin’ vodka:

Shit, yeah! I’d eat here for sure.

Invite me over, Tyrese; Paul Walker, rest in peace.

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