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Illustration for article titled Tyron Woodleys Mom Was There For Darren Till After Her Son Choked Him Out At UFC 228

Perennially underappreciated UFC welterweight king Tyron Woodley completed perhaps his most impressive title defense last weekend, when he destroyed lanky English striker Darren Till in the second round. The submission loss marked the first time Till has lost in 19 professional MMA bouts, and he was pretty broken up after getting dropped and choked out. This probably marks the end of Till’s time at welterweight, and he’ll have to climb through an entirely different thicket of contenders to get another shot at a UFC title.


Luckily for him, Woodley’s mom was there for him right after the loss with a hug and some words of encouragement.

Hopefully Robert Whittaker’s mom will be just as caring when Till works his way up the middleweight rankings and loses to her son.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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