U.S. Open Fan Who Dunked Chicken Tender Into Soda: "People Are Telling Me I Should Go To Jail"

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The most repulsive thing at the U.S. Open this weekend wasn’t John Millman’s shirt or Tennys Sandgren’s personality, but this chicken tender dipped into a soda by a woman in the stands. Fox 5 found Alexa Greenfield, the bold flavor revolutionary (or gross weirdo, depending on your worldview) and got an explanation.

Here’s what Greenfield divulged: Those are her three nephews, not her sons; she knows how weird this combination is and tried to keep it a secret; her dad introduced it to her when she was young as a way of cooling off the chicken tender, but she “really liked the taste”; and she does not want to go to jail for doing it.

“I got a text five minutes later from a friend that said, ‘I just saw you dipping a chicken finger in Coke on TV,’ and I was like, Oh noooo,” she said.

Chin up, Alexa: There are worse things to be on the news for than “DIPPED CHICKEN FINGER IN COKE.”


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