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UConn football coach Bob Diaco introduced the world to a new rivalry, unilaterally dubbed the Civil Conflict, between the Huskies and the Central Florida Knights in June. It had a trophy and everything, and yet, no one bothered to tell UCF, or head coach George O’Leary. In fact, it wasn’t clear that a program can just make up a rivalry like that. At today’s coaches panel, someone asked Diaco about the Civil Conflict, and he announced some new changes, already.


The heated UConn-UCF feud that’s only two games old will no longer be the Civil Conflict. Instead, it’ll be The ConFLiCT. Get it?

O’Leary, who was also present, did his best to market the game, though his comment sounded more like a gentle reminder than anything:


Let’s get a look at that trophy again, which has last season’s UConn victory but not the UCF win from the season before that:


Knights. Huskies. Oct. 10, fuckers. Mark it down.

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