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Not only do we have a World Series game (in theory) and a decent college football matchup tonight, but we also have UFC 90 on pay-per-view. Unfortunately, we don't live near Rosemont to see the card at Allstate Arena tonight (home of the Chicago Wolves, DePaul basketball, and numerous Wiggles concerts). Still, there's plenty to entertain those of you with violent tendencies and disposable cash. Or, as we like to call you, "what keeps America strong". Our sketchy understanding of the evening's events follow:

Anderson Silva, arachnid and all-around badass, will defeat Patrick Cote with some ease tonight despite actual flaws in The Spider's skills. We haven't found an expert we trust that will go the other way on this one. We believe them.


We look forward to seeing Silva for the first time because we've seen just a little too much standing up for our tastes in the last few fights we've caught. When we first started watching six months ago, that was grand. We could see what the hell was going on.

Now, though, we get visibly angry when two large men screw around with attempted knockout punches and half-assed setup kicks. All the strategy's on the ground, so far as we're concerned. It's like a Gordian knot that bleeds.


Beyond that, we recommend you to MMA Junkie's waiting arms for the preview and Maggie and Steve's recap in the morning at Yahoo! Sports (though we'll give it a game shot here as well).

For those of you sticking around in hopes of a liveblog, we'll watch the WEATHER UPDATE ORGASMOTRON XK-49 with you until a decision is made and ad dollars are collected. For those of you merely interested in the latest fashions, welcome to DUAN.

Also, check out the new SKEETS!

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