UFC Fighter Stats Compare Favorably To Chong Li, Paco, Frank Dux From Bloodsport

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Had enough of nerds crunching stats from basketball flicks? How about some nerds crunching stats from martial arts movies? The gentle folk at FightMetric are doing just that. The first entry in their series: Bloodsport.

You'd think that the fantasy fighters would make statistical hash of real MMA combatants, but the UFC men hold their own in several categories, including fastest KO and fastest submission. More significantly, FightMetric raises the question that terrifying man-beast Chong Li might have been (gasp!) overrated. Look at how thoroughly Frank Dux abuses him:


This, of course, is a fat Hollywood lie. Bolo Yeung would have eaten Jean-Claude Van Damme like pork bao. At least this action movie fan likes to believe so.