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UFC Moron Gets Hit With A Boomerang After Calling Brazilians "Filthy Animals" [Update]

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UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has fashioned himself as a heel, although unlike, say, fellow heel Michael Bisping, Covington’s idea of a good troll is to just call the champ in his division a scared girl until he agrees to fight him. He’s also into shitting on Brazilian fighters and calling them filthy animals whenever he gets the chance. This nearly got him attacked by angry fans last month when he busted out the line in an arena in São Paulo, which is at least brave if not completely fucking stupid.

He’s down in Sydney ahead of this weekend’s UFC card, and he once again got into it with former heavyweight champ and Brazilian maniac Fabricio Werdum. Here’s Covington filming himself, claiming Werdum punched him, and calling him and Brazilians in general a bunch of rude names while backing up and leaving.

Werdum said that he was just chilling in the lobby when Covington walked by him and started calling him filthy. He said he got in Covington’s face, defended a leg kick from the welterweight, and never punched him. “If I really had (punched) him in the face he would be in the hospital. For sure. There was no punch. He’s delusional,” he said. For his part, Covington said he’d be pressing charges and gave a brief statement to MMA Fighting, which read “He fucked up. There’s video and I speak the truth. He will be exposed soon, probably end up in Australia prison.”


There is video from the incident, which shows Werdum halfheartedly chucking a souvenir boomerang at Covington.

Werdum never addressed the boomerang’s role; the UFC said they’d be investigating and sounded very serious about a guy hitting another with a boomerang. Too bad these two can’t settle their shit in the cage, although that might be for the best.

Update (5:28 p.m. ET): Werdum has reportedly been charged with assault for smacking Covington with the boomerang. At least the Sydney PD probably have experience with boomerang crimes.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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