UFC's President Really Knows How To Handle The Media

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The polite young gentleman in this video is Dana White, president of the UFC, and apparently he has issues with reporter Loretta Hunt. Well, a profanity-laced YouTube tirade can probably fix that. [Language NSFW, obviously]

Hunt wrote a story on Sherdog.com accusing the UFC of banning managers and agents from backstage areas during events, which I guess is some kind of scandalous tragedy. White denied the whole thing in his own adorable way, calling the story "fucking retarded" and calling Hunt a "dumb bitch." Well then.


This video was scrubbed from a portion of his longer video blog (since taken down), but he manages an impressive 42 uses of some variation of the word "fuck" in just a few short minutes. Here's just a selection of comments he had for Loretta:

"fucking retarded story ... you fucking moron ... fucking dumb ... you don't know what the fuck you're talking about ... shut the fuck up ... whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot and a fucking liar ... maybe you're the liar ... everything that comes out of your mouth is fucking stupid ... You fucking dumb bitch. Fuck you, Loretta Hunt."


White is the Vince McMahon-like leader of UFC, serving as both the business head and public face of MMA's biggest ongoing series. One blogger calls this his "Bissinger" moment, but for that to be correct someone would have to actually be shocked by this behavior. White was featured in the book "Six-Word Memoirs" with his entry: "Took a spectacle. Made it sport," but it sounds like he's regressing back to spectacle.

On the other hand, why can't someone put a camera on Roger Goodell and get him to say what he really feels about Chris Mortensen? Now there's your pay per view event.

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