UGA Recruits Rob UGA Locker Room On UGA Recruiting Visit

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We love this story, and you might too depending on your feelings toward SEC football and certain programs. Three people have been arrested in connection with stolen property from the Georgia locker room, and police say the suspects are recruits. That sound you just heard was the exploding heads of the NCAA enforcement staff.


Georgia had an open house even on April 7th, in which the football complex was open to visitors. That day, iPods and iPhones disappeared from the lockers of seven players, valued at $1,330. Today police announced that they've charged three young men from Carver-Columbus HS, one of the many local feeder preps for the Bulldogs.

Among them: Deion Bonner, a DB considered one of the top prospects in the state for the Class of 2012, and Marquis Hawkins, the twin brother of highly-touted 2013 QB prospect Marqui Hawkins. The third suspect hasn't been named because of his age.

We don't even know which jokes to make here. Do we point out the last Heisman winner had some trouble with theft from a previous school? Do we point out that UGA's recruiting coordinator made the point last year that their kids are "high-character?" Or are those too easy, and we should stick with noting that Georgia is apparently still pimping their 2002 SEC Title in the locker room?

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