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With a heavy heart, we inform you that, yes, Terrell Owens is back. Sorry. Don't kill the messenger.

In one of those this-is-who-I-really-am commercials that don't tell you any more about an athlete than an Ahmad Rashad interview, Owens has resurfaced in an advertisement for a "major" cellphone company (link via The 700 Level). The premise of the ads appears to be offscreen voices yelling "Where You At?" via their cellphones, and T.O. answering, "Unemployed." Well, not exactly, but you get the point. Like everything else Owens, it's gritty, edge, in-your-face, groundbreaking; the guy is not the least bit boring or repetitive, at all, nope. He's outrageous!

Our favorite part of the official "Where You At?" Web site is the blog section, where "fans" can let T.O. know where they at. (Things like, "Im in LaPorte, IN!!!! ... Where u @." We submitted ours about an hour ago; we're hoping it makes the cut.

Where You At? [T-Mobile] (link via The 700 Level)