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Uh Oh. This Can't Be Good

Unless a T-shirt surfaces linking John McCain with the Milwaukee Brewers, Barack Obama should consider his campaign in deep do-do. This is not meant to be ironic, by the way: Home Run Derby found this shirt back in August, when Cubs' and Obama fans alike shared the audacity of hope. Now there seems to be nothing on the horizon for the Democrats but shame and regret ... and possibly a late-campaign relief appearance by Neal Cotts. You had a good run, Barack, but as I think you can plainly see, you are doomed.

Uh oh. One Down, One to Go? The person who put that shirt together must be shivering in terror right now. Or maybe the Cubs’ jinxes don’t apply to White Sox fans. Obama fans better hope so, anyway.


And how about that debate last night, huh? When McCain said those things, and Obama, like, disagreed and stuff.* * = clearly didn't watch. UPDATE: Apparently McCain and Obama had a Belichick, Mangini moment following the debate. Awesome. Does This T-Shirt Mean Obama Will Lose The Election? [Home Run Derby]

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