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An Eastern Kentucky University lineman took on a gaggle of University of Kentucky players in a bar fight this weekend, according to multiple witnesses quoted in The Courier-Journal. EKU lineman Colton Scurry's father told the paper he "sustained multiple facial fractures" in the incident, and that the University is looking into it as possible assault. But according to numerous witnesses, Scurry instigated the fight:

...two EKU students who described the scene at Jerzee's in Richmond said Scurry was the aggressor in a fight that they allege involved three University of Kentucky football players: Drew Barker, Dorian Baker and Tymere Dubose.

"We were in the back part of Jerzee's," said Will Ruholt, a friend of Barker's from Conner High School. "A couple people started talking (abusively) and things started to get a little heated. Colton Scurry is the one who started the entire fight. He pushed me. Multiple people can verify that."

Zach Littleton, an EKU sophomore who said he accompanied the UK players, also described Scurry as the instigator.


Scurry's father wouldn't comment on how the fight began, but did say that his son got messed up:

Jeff Scurry said doctors do not yet know whether his son will need reconstructive surgery.

"He's got so much swelling," the father said. "He couldn't see for the last two days. Several fractures in his face and nose."

The teams face off against each other on the field in a little over eight months.

Update: A tipster has passed along this photo that he says is of Colton Scurry after "his head was smashed with a beer bottle":


The site East KY Media has the same photo, which they say they got Sunday night.

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