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Unborn Baby Yao Causes An International Incident

Conspiracy theorists in China believe that Yao Ming just brought his pregnant wife back to the US so she can give birth to an American citizen. Lou Dobbs is not going to be happy.

It's widely accepted that the girl, due in July to the 7'6" Yao and 6'2" Ye Li will be some sort of superbaby, capable of rim-shaking dunks from the age of three. She'll no doubt bring shame on the puny WNBA players, and lead China to gold after gold at the Olympics. But therein lies the problem: Yao and Ye just returned to the United States from China, and if the child is born here, it receives US citizenship.

This will not only be a huge loss to Chinese basketball but, as far as feelings are concerned, will be something very difficult for Chinese fans to accept," the Chongqing Business Daily said, citing angry online comments.


Since the one-child policy doesn't apply if the first one's a girl (seriously), not everyone is freaking out so much.

Another user from Shanghai named Kekeweiqi said: "We have no right to interfere in the future of baby Yao. When baby Yao grows up, he/she will have the right to choose his/her own nationality and occupation."

So long as she chooses China and basketball.

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