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UNC's Bobby Frasor Might Hurt Himself. Again.

The man preparing to jump off the roof into that fantastic above-ground pool is, according to some college hoops bloggers, University of North Carolina point guard Bobby Frasor. He's just having some fun, blowing off steam, as classes wind down for the semester at North Carolina. No harm, really — he's just up to typical college hi-jinx. School's out. For summer. Duhn-duhn.

But, the thing is, Frasor's been "rehabilitating" his banged-up knee which he injured last December 27:

Frasor, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee Dec. 27, soon will embark on extended jogs and squatting exercises in an effort to continue regaining leg strength.

He said his quadriceps, in particular, has been a targeted area.

"It's going to be challenging and it'll be a lot of work," he said. "Right now it's just all about strengthening my quad, so that's the big key."


Looks like that quad is at full-strength right now. But just to be safe, it should be known that the pool he's jumping into is full of packages of frozen peas.

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