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Unfortunately, Being An Unrepentant Moron Is Not A Crime

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Last week, there was a horrible story about two female St. Louis Cardinals' fans who were struck by a car while crossing the street on the way home from the Cards-Phillies series at Citizens Bank Park. One of the women died due to her injuries.

The person charged with aggravated assault, impaired driving and other crimes, was an 18-year-old man from South Philly named Joseph Genovese. Genovese claims he wasn't intoxicated that night and he had this to say about the incident after he was released on $5,000 bail. "It was a big accident. They ran into the middle of the street as I was coming through the yellow light and I didn't see them," he told NBC10 on camera.

Fair enough. Could've happened. Unfortunately, Joseph had a public MySpace page which hasn't done much to prove his "it was a big accident" theory.


In fact, it doesn't do much to prove that he might just be one of the most horrifyingly stupid people on the planet. The damning evidence:

One photo, which appears to be taken from the driver's seat of his vehicle, shows the speedometer clocking in at 105 mph.

The caption under the photo reads: aLiL UnDer 120 OnPAcKeR aVE!!..yea digg????"

In other photos, he admits to "BObBiN ND WeEzzZiN" in and out of traffic and having a "NEeD 4 SPeEd????"

He writes that his car, which he identifies as a Lexus GS 300, is equipped with an alarm system, auto-start technology and a TV screen placed in the dashboard.

Genovese lists his occupation as "JuSt B DAt Boii!!!..." but goes on to list his income as $250,000 or more. In a separate section in which people typically write the companies they work for or are associated with, Genovese writes: "Chronic Dealer, Philadelphia, Pa US, HusLa, weed, dope, crack, heroin, meth., and wAT EVa U FIEn for!"

Genovese brags about how sexy he looks when he's high, and has posted pictures of himself smoking out of a bong.

Yeah...not so good.

Don't be HusLa's tonight. But come back tomorrow for wAT EVa and MOre.

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