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Unhappy To Be Stuck With You

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We've all known that our main man Chris Berman — who was such a joy to watch broadcasting the Cardinals-Cubs game last night! — has had a lifelong pants party with Huey Lewis And The News. (We think they show the footage of him on stage with the band at least twice a year.) But we had no idea just how intense it had become. From The Boston Herald:

ESPN's Chris "Boomer" Berman and Steve Levy, after storming the stage to perform with Huey Lewis & the News and Chicago at the Bank of America Pavilion the other night, hit The Greatest Bar on Friend Street. While there, the gang signed autographs, and Huey belted out a few of his classics a capella for a VIP crowd up in the bar's Boston Room.


First off, the notion of Berman and Steve Levy "storming" a stage is a terrifying one. The idea that Huey Lewis and Peter Cetera would be waiting for him ... man, we just don't think we have words for that.

We Hear ... [Boston Herald]

(UPDATE: Apparently Peter Cetera isn't in Chicago anymore. Boy, do we feel unhip!)