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University Of Miami: Complete Assheads

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In one of the more ridiculous travesties of justice we can possibly think of happening on a college campus — save for maybe Nick Lachey living with Matt Leinart — the University of Miami has kicked blogger Kyle Munzenrieder out of campus housing after he posted a two-year-old rap song from Miami football players on his site The level of hypocrisy and madness involved in this decision staggers us; we're actually sputtering.


We're not sure what much more we can say here except that the University of Miami should be ashamed of itself. We encourage all Deadspin readers to flood the zone with letters and phone calls to whomever will listen over there. And Kyle ... hang in there, man.

Wait, look: Here's the email for the Dean Of Students: Go to it!

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(Update: Kyle sends us an email:

"Well I'm not getting kicked out for actually blogging the song, I'm getting kicked out for "metal health and safety" reasons stemming from the "suicide note." I mean that's how they're justifying it. I have to undergo psychiatric evaluation before they readmit me. I told both The Hurricane and The Herald that, but for whatever reason they left that out. Though most kids at the University who threaten suicide don't get kicked off campus, they get a single room.


It's not really accomplishing anything either. I'll probably have to spend the remaining three weeks sleeping on various couches or at hooker motels.")

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