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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The Spurs—can they be beaten? In the past week (well, the past week plus a little), they've been called "unstoppable", "unstoppable and utterly dominant", "unstoppable" again, and "unstoppable" a few more times. Clearly, the stoppability of the Spurs is not at issue. They are unstoppable. They've won 20 of their last 23! Momentum, people, is everything. Who are the Spurs even playing? Does it matter?


On the occasion of the last of those 20 wins, Pro Basketball Talk's Scott Schroeder wondered, "[C]an there really be much hope left in the Oklahoma City locker room?" The start of the series saw 10 of 14 ESPN experts picking the Spurs to win the series, and it seems safe to assume the remaining four would have revised their predictions after Game Two. If history has taught us one thing, it's this: unequivocally hype the older team in advance of a seven-game series. They're wily, they're veterans. Wiliness always wins out.

Having done that, you'll be fine. The Spurs—only two games away! Should be smooth sailing from here on ou—what?

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