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Unsurprisingly, Jim Harbaugh Is A Hardass When It Comes To Family Pickup Basketball

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On the latest episode of The MMQB Podcast, Peter King talks to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh about his relationship with his brother, Jim. The older Harbaugh shares a story about a pick-up basketball game the two brothers played with their families while on vacation, and it sounds like Jim had an extra glass of milk that day.

Jim and his family drove up to John’s cottage in Lake Huron for Memorial Day weekend. Jim brought his kids, and the group decided to play a fun game of hoops in the driveway. Those involved in the game were Jim, John, Jim’s wife, John’s wife, a 2-year-old boy, a 6-year-old girl, a 4-year-old girl, and a 13-year-old girl. According to John, this is how the game went down:

We’re playing, and you can picture the kind of game it is, right? Allison [the 13-year-old] happens to hit a couple jumpers and we’re playing to seven, and we’re up maybe 5-1. Next thing you know, Jim starts going over the top of Allison for rebounds, he’s boxing her out 10 feet away from the basket. Next thing you know, it’s 5-5 and Jim has made all the shots for his team of course. I’m like, you know, maybe Addy would like to touch the ball? Maybe Katie or Jack could dribble a little bit now and then? It goes 6-6 and a long rebound comes out the side, he goes and gets it. I see Allison happens to be over there, so I see him going to the basket, he’s going to take Allison to the hole, you know, he’s about 6'3", 235, so I’m going to go cut him off. I get him with my right arm bar across his chest and I’m trying to body check him into the pricker bushes behind the driveway, and he just powers his way to the basket, lays one over the top, a reverse layup off the board, and all he could talk about is how he won. He picks up Jack and says, “Doesn’t it feel great, Jack, to win? Doesn’t it feel great to win?” An hour later we were crossing paths in the backyard to go get a soda or something, and he looks me right in the eye and he says, “Hey John, have you won anything yet?”


Here’s a tip for Allison: Next time Jim tries to take you to the hole, stand strong and take the charge.

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