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Until Next Year, Donovan

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The news just broke, if it can be counting as "news" or "breaking:" Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb will miss the rest of the season after having surgery on his hernia, a surgery that sounds deeply unpleasant all kinds of thoughts here, not the least of which that by the time McNabb plays again, we fully expect him to be completely bald.

But here's what we really want: We want arbitrator Richard Bloch to rule that the Eagles must allow Terrell Owens to return to the team. Coach Andy Reid, sensing opportunity, decides not to cut Owens, instead reinstalling him in the starting lineup. And then we have a rather seminal moment: T.O. complaining about how Mike McMahon can't get him the ball. How much fun would that be? Is the world ready for a power struggle between Terrell Owens and Mike McMahon? "The thing that T.O. has to realize is that I'm the leader of this team," McMahon says, filming a commercial for Jimmy's Auto Detailing in Camden, N.J. "If a team doesn't have trust in its quarterback, it's not a team. What? Oh, yeah, that's M-C-M-A-H-O-N. There's no 'A' before that 'C.'"


Anyway, we wish Donovan a speedy recovery. Just for craps and giggles, we hope Reid signs Keyshawn Johnson and Freddie Mitchell to be waiting for him in training camp next year.

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