Now we're cookin'! Paulus choked (which should please you), Kenny Chesney sucks, and Lee Corso is frighteningly detailed.

"first gameday with new hdtv - after seeing corso in hi-def, might switch to radio". - dmboyer

"every late hit on paulus makes America giggle." - jeremycham

" "If Navy comes back and beats Ohio State, how are they going to get the ships into Columbus to finish the capture? LOGISTICS ISSUES!!!!!" - kingdonut66

"I can't wait to see them send Paulus out on defense and watch him slap the field. Someone shoot me. I fuckin hate him." - gregkoko


"Because when I think college football, I think country singers who in the past have been accused of being homosexuals. Kenny Chesney? "IT'S GOLD, NORBY!"" - kingdonut66

"Pam Ward and Ray Bentley on TV must [be] like what a blind person hears during an abortion." - jarpav

"Only Yankees think that "Cocks" jokes are funny. Go back to your pansy NFL." - WolfeReports


Maybe I will, smart guy. Maybe I will.