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(Update) ESPN: The High School

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Remember Fame? The movie about a high school where kids dance in the street and make out with teachers instead of going to class? This is just like that, only with Chris Berman.


New York City is planning to open a new vocational high school this fall called the "Business of Sports School" and it will be a collaboration between the Department of Education and ESPN. The goal is to give students hands-on experience with the business side of sports entertainment, with mandatory internships at companies like "ESPN The Magazine, ABC Sports and VitaminWater." (Huh?) Time permitting, they will also learn how to read.

I was not aware that the sports world was in dire need of qualified candidates to stack video tapes on shelves and bring Scott Van Pelt his coffee, but I guess that void will soon be filled. Hopefully, classes will also cover important topics like avoiding Joe Namath, history of modern Norby, and the dangers of microphone rot.


Let's not kid ourselves here—we all would have applied to this school if we'd had the chance. On the other hand... I bet their basketball team stinks.

UPDATE: ESPN says NY Post story is "overblown" [CNBC]


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