Meet Ryan Tharp. He knows two things: the Ducks are going to win Monday, and he's quite a catch. So he's looking for an Auburn gal to get hitched in Vegas, then get a quickie annulment the next day. Loser pays.

Here's his indecent proposal, on, where else, Craigslist.

I, along with several buddies, will be celebrating the Duck victory in Vegas from January 11th-14th. During that extravaganza, I plan on taking in the entire Vegas experience, including marrying a stranger. If you are cute enough, spontaneous enough, and an all around cool chick....let's get hitched. Loser of the bet has to pay the annulment costs. So, if you are going to be in Vegas after the National Championship, believe in your Tigers, and want to have stories to tell your grandchildren (won't be mine) then shoot me an email...with a pic!

Yeah, he wants a picture. And in his post headline, he says he wants an "Auburn Hottie." So, like half of all postings on Craigslist, this is just about getting laid, and possibly paying for it.

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