US Fans Create Horrific Image To Stir Up World Cup Rivalry

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Here at The Spoiler, arts and crafts are held in very high esteem, be it the infantile crayon drawings of a child/Jamie Carragher, or a beautiful marble sculpture from the hands of Michelangelo/David James.

But, every so often, even the feathery string quarteted world of arts and crafts can attract a rebel element, intent on causing uproar with "challenging" images.


Famously, you've got the likes of Tracey Emin, the guy who did the rubbish pile of bricks, and now this — a disturbing and brutal image from the hand of a USA fan, which depicts a smiling Landon Donovan having literally just murdered Wayne Rooney with a massive bread knife.

The biggest concern is that this could spark an international art war, with rumours already flying around of a revenge picture featuring Fabio Capello karate chopping Ronald Reagan in the old meat and two testicles. This could turn very ugly.


(via Marca)

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